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Tofu protein has beauty benefits

Many women wish to maintain a smooth and youthful complexion. Tofu is the one food that such women should eat plenty of.

Vegetable protein in tofu

Protein creates skin cells. These cells are replenished in a four week cycle which continuously replaces old cells with new cells. Consequently, people must constantly replenish protein. However, when animal protein is ingested, fats that include saturated fatty acids are also absorbed into the system. This results in the secretion of excess fats through the skin, causing the pores to open wide. In order to maintain a smooth complexion, it is far more beneficial to take vegetable proteins such as those contained in typical soybean products such as tofu.

Additionally, constipation, another ailment frequently seen in women, also causes skin problems, so it is important to ingest fiber to invigorate intestinal activity. Okara, the by-product of tofu, retains all the dietary fiber, so eating tofu together with okara is ideal for healthy skin.

Tofu is also an ideal food during menstruation. Mounting irritability and discomfort can be experienced during menstruation. The calcium and B vitamins contained in tofu help to soothe the nerves, and a stable mentality helps to resolve irritability. Some women also experience stiff shoulders and coldness in the hands and feet during menstruation. Eating gyu-dofuh (boiled tofu) will warm up the body and alleviate the coldness while the unsaturated fatty acid in the tofu will lower cholesterol and improve circulation.

Tofu, which slides effortlessly down the throat, can be beneficial for women suffering a loss of appetite during pregnancy due to morning sickness. Protein is an essential nutrient for the development of the unborn child, the placenta, and for sustaining and increasing amniotic fluid. Although being easy to eat is one advantage, with its high protein content, tofu is also recommended from a nutritional perspective especially for expectant mothers.

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