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Amino Acids

Soybean Amino Acid Scorecg100h

What is an amino acid score?

It is important to take in good quality protein in a combination of foods that provide the necessary amino acids, in order to acquire the required proteins.

There is a method of determining nutritional value from the constituent ratio of specific foods containing essential amino acids. The numerical values calculated through this method are known as the gAmino Acid Scoreh. This indicates the level of each amino acid as a ratio (%) in relation to a reference value. Proteins that have an amino acid score of 100 for each essential amino acid are considered good quality proteins.

Those that do not reach 100 are known as gLimiting amino acidsh. These are named in sequence from the lowest value and called gFirst-limiting amino acidh, gSecond-limiting amino acidh, etc.

The amino acid score for soybeans is 100. Likewise, tofu, which is made from soybeans, also has an amino acid score of 100. {FAO/WHO/UNU (1985)}

Generally deficient amino acids

Deficient amino acids Contained in
Methionine/Cysteine Polished rice
Threonine Fish/meat/eggs

Amino acid scores for other foods

Horse mackerel 100 Tuna 100 Beef 97
Scallops 100 Manila clam 81 Chicken 100
Eel 100 Oyster 77 Pork 100
Bonito 100 Freshwater clam 95 Chicken eggs 100
Salmon 100 Scallop 71 Milk 100
Mackerel 100 Squid 71 Processed chees 91
Saury pike 100 Prawn/shrimp 74 Polished white rice 65
Shishamo (fish) 100 Crab 81 Wheat flour 38
Cod 100 Octopus 71 Corn 32
Amberjack (adult yellowtail) 100 Flounder 100 Potato 68
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